Thursday, September 18, 2014

Barn Painting done

 Been a crazy busy month or so.. but I did finish this 11x14 oil painting for my neighbor.
I painted it  before, but she loved this  barn so much and I wanted to keep my first painting.. which is much bigger, so I did a smaller one for her. When it burnt down we both were very upset as it was a view we saw regularly on the way  to town and it had such charm and now its mostly gone.  I worked on it outside getting to enjoy my summer and critters.. she loves it.
This was the journal page I did two years ago, and posted, of the two fires that happened within a day of each other. Both fires put out by the same Helicopter stationed by us... the bottom one was the barn fire and the helicopter dipping in the river by us putting it out quickly. Only a fraction of the barn is left. Thank goodness for the helicopter as it could have been worse and spread to us all.
Happy PPF

Friday, August 8, 2014

I'm still around....just busy busy busy..

Took some time to do a little painting outside.

this was my view from where I was sitting.

Sun worshipers.. or tea party?? lol

I am working on two small paintings. This was from a photo I took a couple years ago. When I saw this area recently it is now all grapevines so I decided I needed to do it to save this farm feeling. I have a long way to go on both paintings but I am in no hurry..

This barn is the same barn as in the painting on the wall. I am doing it for my neighbor who loved this barn before it burnt down to the ground.  These photos were taken with my iPad so not as clear as my regular camera. 

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Summer time and the livin' is...............

 Yeah I know I was going to keep up with my blogging but here's the thing...
Its been HOT. Unusual for this time of year here. Critters are trying keep cool.
 stopping to drape over things.
 A lot of panting going on.
Some dirt bathing to keep cool
 Keeping the watermelon going to keep our critters cool.
 You know us and projects. Con refinished our benches that had peeled paint off during winter.
I love the deeper color.
This time we used oil based paint.
 A lot of critter care happening for our neighbors off and on this summer. Look how big their chicks have gotten now.
Farmer Con taking care of his garden out back. :)
oh yeah and a lot of this going on too.
 The flocks doing well.  keeping us busy keeping lots of water and fans going  to keep them cool.
 Oh and look what showed up. Two of the four hens that got away last fall from being trapped to be relocated, showed up with six chicks. Here we go again.
But the best part was getting to meet Fellow blogger Elva Paulson's (who doesn't live to far from me) very talented daughter, Lita Judge, who writes some charming children's books that you can find on Amazon.  Red Hats and Red sled and a new one that's adorable and the name escapes me at the moment... I think... its called Flight school. 
 Lita was here visiting from back east for a week and came over with her Mom to get some eggs and see my chickens and it was fun talking art.
You can find Elva at her blog she does some wonderful nature journaling.
So anyway thats my story of whats been going on around here and I am sticking to it.
Till next time, when I hope Con has my bottle tree done we are planning, and maybe I have some progress done on a couple of little paintings I've just started.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A little of this and that in another week gone by.

I am loving my garden right now. Spending as much time in it as I can. Everything is blooming. The grapes are coming along on this arbor. This is a sight I love to see when we walk out the door but last week we walked out and saw the scene below...
 The lattice that holds up the grapes collapsed. I never heard a thing and thankfully the girls weren't under it.
 The braces on the sides rotted and broke. It took all our strength to get it up on the ladder and then the bucket on top to make it higher and then another taller ladder to lift it even higher before Con could fix it. It was HEAVY!!!!! I trimmed the heck out of it because it had started growing into other plants around it.  I am still paying for helping but there is only the two of us and I couldn't let him do it alone. I had plans to go on a garden tour the very next day with Jill, so I went anyway even tho I woke up that morning and could hardly move. Never knew bones could actually creak. lol Some of the places we toured were rather hilly with lots of walking that I could hardly move for a few days after, but the gardens we saw were so inspiring  and I got lots of cool pix that I was so glad we went  anyway. One thing I saw and am going to try and imitate is below.
 LOVED this bottle tree.
  I had two and was given the tall blue one
 Then I found the pink one in Micheal's and was given the other two the same day. So I am on my way. Con will make me a tree to hang them on. :))
 We did some more Critter sitting.
Look at Jills Chicks now.... at four and a half months one is laying eggs. since its color is a sage green its one of the yellow Amuricana chickens.
 One of her Amuricans has whiskers and yes its female. the black one is a Black sexlink like mine but not the same  red streaking colors.  Shes bummed. :)
Never know when we are being watched. Three of these beauties were out as we walked to check the critters.
 The third one was across the street peeking around at us.
 Back at home our girls keeping cool the other day taking dirt baths.
but today we have lots of rain. Which I hope wont last long because our summer Art festival starts this Friday. One year it was rained out. Hoping not this year as I am and so many others looking forward to it.
That's about all that's been going on here.
I leave you with this cool shot I took out our back window.
It was nice of the bird to pose so nicely for me.
Have a great week

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Hattie here posting for Cris

 Hi Peeps, Hattie here.
I know its been awhile, so I decided to post something for my master.
They have been busy as its that time of year when the gardens go in and the warm weather takes them outside a lot.
 Lexy & Emma are doing fine as are the other girls.
They say Hi too.
 Its also Critter sitting time so they've been busy doing a lot of that for the neighbors.
These are Jill's young chicks.. a month away from laying eggs.
Two Amuricanas and six black sexlinks added to her three older chickens.
 Milo came to visit for a few days and is keeping guard for them while he was here.
 Their veggie garden is growing well. they have corn and potatoes and blueberries and sunflowers in this bed. The sunflowers are for the birds. But my master loves to see the big heads following the sun. :)
 This is the tomato bed. They planted four kinds of tomatoes.
An Oregon spring, as it blooms and produces early, then will produce a second batch before its done. a Big Boy tomato, two kinds of cherry tomatoes as they produce into Fall here.
We  Girls LOVE tomatoes so we put in our order for lots cherry tomatoes. :)
 The fields have hay bales waiting to be picked up so there's been lots going on around here and lots to see.
Well This is Chloe peeking out from the roses saying bye bye for now and we will make sure our master gets her act together and blogs a bit sooner then she has.

Friday, May 16, 2014

New journal pages

Latest in my journaling. Haven't done a lot since my eye sight got bad and I needed new glasses. I finally got some and reading is better already.  Just picked them up today. So this is a sunset I saw out my kitchen window in March. And the deer were watching us as we walked out our front yard. They were standing still trying to be invisible in amongst weeds, but I saw them and took pix. I took these of my Art work with my ipad so they are a bit  blurry.
Pansies are something I grow every spring so this is the start of a new page. I have more to add to it eventually.
My roses are in full spring bloom. We have had some wonderful summer weather so they popped out.
These iris belong to my neighbor. They have been here since we moved here ten years ago. Two years ago she decided to dig them all out and give the bulbs away because of the work of weeding  and separating the bulbs so they would  bloomed. So we helped dig them all up and she gave them away. Her husband tilled the ground under so she could plant some easy care bushes.  I took this picture a couple days ago. Guess they wanted to stay around. Lol
Chloe says bye for now. 

Friday, May 2, 2014

Spring time is busy time in the garden and Lexys scare.

 Spring has come to Oregon  and I have been out enjoying the things going on and not blogging much right now. My Rhodys are all in bloom.
This purple one  has out done itself this year.
 This Red one was a throw away from someone when we moved here ten years ago.
It didnt do well for them so I planted it in a very shady place and its done so well there with little care too.
 Our chest nut tree is in full bloom too and as I was out photographing it in flew this hummer to drink from its nectar. Of course I had to take its picture.
 Not only did spring show up but for a few days Summer showed up with 92 degrees and in flew these birds. :)
 Superman showed up too. :))
 We've been busy lately working out in the front yard. The weeds took over and our neighbors polite but firm reminder they needed taking care of made us spend as much time as our backs would allow to get out to pull ..weed whack and mow. Not to mention plant more bushes to fill in the empty places where we took the juniper bushes out. Its looking so good now.
I have also been visting the nurseries for my summer annuals I plant in clay pots in our back yard. this is  my first round of summer annuals... Impatiens. With the girls we had to put chicken wire around things till they get bigger as they loved digging in my pots. Soon I will be getting my zinnias. We are already working on the veggies. the bed is  ready to plant. We usually wait until the middle of May to plant here to make sure we get no more freezes.
 Of course there is a lot of critter watching going on with the cute antics our girls get up to. 
One day Gracie came running out of the bushes with a bit of tomato that Fair had thrown over and the chase was on with Chloe hot on her tail. soon the other girls joined in but she decided it was hers and gulped it down in one gulp. groan.
This is Chloe and Hattie sunning themselves together. They are finally one family.
 Then we had a little scare. We almost lost our Lexy. she started acting strange last Sunday but I chalked it up to noise a neighbor was making but  I noticed her really not acting normal  on Monday and   I swept her up and brought her in and put her in the dog cage. She was panting horribly and mostly standing and not interested in eating at all. I got an eye dropper and made sure she stayed hydrated and got some sugar water down her and bits of food but not much. After calling around to farm places and googling for info, I figured out it had something to do with a broken egg I found on Sunday. they don't usually live if an infection sets in and no vets close around here work on poultry.  She made it to Tuesday and ate some suet for me  and laid an egg standing up.. but yellow goop was coming out so after reading up on Google that could be yolk or infection so we mixed up some white vinegar and warm water and did a douche on her. It said it will help bacteria and help with infection.  It was to clean out the cavity of anything that shouldn't be there. ..that same day later she laid ANOTHER EGG. she was egg bound, poor thing... after that she perked up and let out a big squawk like she usually does. The egg shell was thin but alright. I let her go sleep with the big girls that night. She was a little slow the next day but by Thursday she was right as rain running and eating and a little under weight but she laid a normal egg. I spent my days laying by the cage trying to coax this little red hen to live. I guess it paid off. :)

 Never thought I would miss her loud mouth but even my neighbor missed her.
Daisy decided she kind of liked that cage empty. 
Me too!