Sunday, April 13, 2014

A little of this and that and nothing. :)

Spring is here for sure now. The migrating birds are coming thru. these Eurasian doves are thick this year. 
Looked out to see one almost pure white out there with the rest. Sure shows up. We also saw a pair of  Evening grosbeaks. I got so so pix of them so I hope they show up again. Usually we see scouts before the rest of the flock shows up.
 I also forgot about my lilacs on the side of the house and went around to be totally surprised at how much they were blooming.  I almost missed them.
 They do smell heavenly. this is the first year almost all my lilacs are producing enough flowers to cut for the house.
 This is an Extra large egg from Chloe one of the youngest girls. In fact this is one of two she laid this huge. and she just popped it out. ouch.
 It was a double yolker. 
I had to get a photo of it. 
 I emailed Ann in England about something and while at it told her about my double yolker and she asked me how I cooked it and I emailed back from my iPad-- that I cooked it in light butter and over easy but my iPad, that is always changing words and getting by me with them,  changed it to SLIGHT BUMMER. I cook it in slight bummer.. what?? LOL well her answer back was that light butter was forever going to be slight bummer and it struck me so funny I spewed out the tea I had just taken a drink of laughing and emailed back to tell her... so she emailed back saying now we cook it in slight bummer splutter and we had to have a blog called she changed an old existing non used one to it. :)))))  Some days you just need a good laugh and to be silly.
Now what do you put on a blog with that name??? :))
 My breakfast of one very fresh double yolker egg on whole wheat toast cooked in
slight bummer splutter with half an orange.
Have a wonderful Week.
Our 47th wedding Anniversary is on this Tuesday, April 15th.
How can that be when I am only 39??? LOL

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

What I did for spring break. :)

 We critter sat for our neighbors during spring break.
The first couple days it was lovely out so we sat out in our yard with their dog and our dog and chickens and I sketched a little. Then later I decided to do a little sunflower book mark from an old photo of some Sunflowers I grew.
 I decided to paint the sketch to bring out Milo and our chickens, but I forgot it was only sketching paper so it grabbed the paint and puckered, but it did make it come alive more. The sunflower is on watercolor paper so it came out all right. I posted these on the Paper, Paint, Pencil & Pens blog before the gardens and parks theme ended.
 Milo is about 14 years old and very mellow and he missed his mama but he seems to consider us his second home so all works out with our pets.
 Jill said her chicks doubled in size in the week they were gone. She left them with us for a couple more days after they got home until she could figure out where to put them as they need more room then the crate now and are growing daily. I really enjoyed having babies again as mine are now all adult. Laying eggs and  no longer doing the funny baby antics. Kids grow so fast. :)) We transported them home last night. I will miss them but they are a lot of work in that amount.
We had Milo, their dog, to care for here, and the 8 chicks in our garage and went over to feed and check on two cats, two black and white rats, a bunny and Three grown chickens and to feed the wild birds daily too. Of the six Chickens she got two years ago she has lost three due to Hawks that fly along the River. So we keep busy while they are gone.
 But we get to see the river and morning sunrises coming over it.
 And her huge Lilac bushes in bloom.
 I LOVE Lilacs so had to get some photos of them.
When Jill got her chicks last night she brought over a huge bouquet of them for me that she cut from those bushes since she knows how much I do love them and....
Can you smell them?
Life is Good!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Elvas wonderful painting and some of mine

I got this wonderful post card in the mail recently from my Friend Elva Paulson at;   Do check her blog out. Her husband takes wonderful photos too. Her work is so awesome I had to share it.  Her work is even better in person. She sent it to me in an Envelope thank goodness as I wouldn't have wanted it to get ruined. I plan to frame it. She sent it to me as a get well card since I have been going thru lots of pain in my knee and back. so much so I finally had an X-ray to find out what is going on. Seems I have Calcium in my Meniscus on my left knee and possible in my right knee which makes it hard to sit and walk and sleep and Its possibly from my Parathyroid problem I had three years ago and why I haven't been blogging a lot lately.  Its called Choncrocalcinosis and I have an appointment with an Orthopedic Surgeon/Doctor soon to see what can be done. I thought this was sooo sweet of her to do.. Thank you so much once again Elva. 
I have done some of my own art to share. This I did for an Anniversary card for some friends of ours. Their two fru fru dogs with pink coats on. Brooklyn and Mandy. I did it first as a sketch. I erase alot  is why-- then I traced it onto the card and painted it. I didn't want erase lines on the card. They have a lot of  fur is why the paws look so lacy. I changed them a bit after seeing this.
This is a closer view of it. I used watercolor and ink. They Loved it.
This is another journal page I did not to long ago. con out doing his guy thing. lol
This is Chloe one of the Lil girls that is no longer little. She is such a character and is laying eggs now. as is Gracie.
They are big girls now and hang with the big girls as if they have always done so.
Chloe was in laying her egg and Gracie was hanging with Lexy laying down and Hattie on arm with her. Took awhile but once they started laying eggs they were accepted. :)
And these little gals are Jill's new chicks. She got six Black sexlinks like mine and two Americana chicks that lay green eggs. They are much bigger and more aggressive then the black sexlinks.

And these are all eight in our garage yesterday as we are critter sitting again and they needed more supervision then being checked on now and then.  I am having fun with them. One of them is a little sweetie and I would swipe her if I could.:))  but then I would have to train her to get along with the others and I am done with that. Jill lost three of her six to Hawks so she wanted more and will be keeping them away from the river from now on where the Hawks hang out.
And this is Mr Milo on the bed with us and Annie watching TV. Hes not being spoilt. :) We are his sceond home I think. :) Now I need to get back to my critter watch. Thanks for Visiting.


Saturday, March 15, 2014

I'm Baaaaack...

 Its been awhile since my last blog post I know, but I needed to figure a few things out. First, I  lost my dearly beloved XP Computer. :) to crashing of old age. Which as it turns out is no big thing, since as of April this year Windows is no longer going to support XP. So I was going to have to quit using it.  Second, My blog was filling up fast due to my large sized photos and Third, I also wanted a watermark. I was going to ditch the blog, but my Friend Elva gently prodded me along helping me figure things out. First helping me get my photos on my Laptop.. I put on my cameras software.. Walla. but the sizing was a big issue. So Elva showed me her program of Photoshop and I found Costco had  Adobe Photoshop Elements 12 for much cheaper then anywhere else and I got it. Then Elva took time to come over and help me download it to my laptop and showed me how to use it  to resize, put a watermark of sorts on the photos and fix the colors. So Thank you so much Elva, without you I would probably have deep sixed my blog. 
So time to update you all on my Lil Girls.
They are now five months and some old. As of this past week they have become Adults of sorts.
Not laying eggs but they have gotten their head gear and Voices and have become as demanding as the older girls. Soon I hope to see those eggs coming. this pix above is off all the girls together.
This is Gracie. She is still growing her head gear, I think, it might stay small and much lighter then Chloes, but she is the prettiest of the two, but  a tad shyer then Chloe. Who has a bigger comb and its  redder.
Gracie's black back is so pretty and reminds me of my Suzi I lost. These two will hop on my lap  and shoulder if I sit down where Suzi never would.
This is a pest. A mature sharp shinned Hawk that I have had to shoo off a lot lately. :(
Jills girls came over to visit us the other night. she had left the gate open so we shooed them home. Unfortunately one of these got killed by something yesterday. we think a big Hawk got it. Just what I didn't want to hear.
I have added some of my journal pages in my new journal here.... I have shown these on Lynns new sketching blog... Paper, Paint, Pencils and Pens. drawing by themes. 
This  was the first page of my new journal of life as I see it around me. :)
Pansies are my favorite flower for spring that I always plant and always purple and yellow,  before anything seems to be blooming so they had to go in the journal.

And of course the sheep and deer made it into my journal too.
I hope to be back more often now that I am getting my computer things figured out.
Thanks for visiting and commenting.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Annie blogging for Cris

Annie here, in case you forgot who I was. My Master took a little bloggy break because some times life just takes over,  so I am here to update you on the last month or so.  Lets see.  December was a busy month with My Master Con having, not one, but TWO cataract surgeries within two weeks of each other. One eye was pretty much blind and the other half blind. So he is sooooo happy to see again. They weren't sure he was going to get the first one done after we got that snow that lasted a week long and we couldn't get out of the driveway to go for measurements but things finally started melting . Something that's never happened in the ten years of them moving here. On top off all that, My  Master Cris got really sick with a nasty virus going around.  She is much better now, but it really knocked her on her keister for awhile. :)). Also she kind of got discouraged when her desktop died and was having problems downloading pictures on the laptop and got some nice help from Elva and then remembered the camera software was never put on the laptop, just the desktop that crashed and burned.. so she got that on and now can download one or two pix at a time as well as the whole memory card if she chooses. Progress happens when the head finally clears up and a lot of encouragement from Friends. :) Thanks Elva, Lynn, Ann & Teri for missing Cris here. :)
The big girls are doing fine and still laying eggs fairly regularly. Emma's not here, she was in the nesting box laying hers. :)
The Lil girls, AKA the Chicks, finally got to go outside to live. This is Chloe. she has this pretty breast of red with black dots of feathers. They have been out side a couple weeks now and LOVE it. They also love bread and come running for it. :)

Gracie has a bit more black on her back and  some red just on  her head. She has gray legs where Chloe has more yellow legs. She kind of remind me of Susie the black one that died, except for the red head. She has a tall tail that  sticks up when she runs just like
Susies did. They both have such sweet personalities. but Gracie is shyer. Chloe is the outgoing one.
They are about 14 weeks old now. they spent a week in the pen getting used to living out there and cried when they had to go sleep in the coop at night and not our sunroom and with in a few days were sleeping up on the perch in the coop snuggled in with the big girls. these two run in tandem, eat in tandem. What ever one does the other does too.  They are each others best friend. They hang around the big girls but at a distance and get chased away a lot but its getting better, they aren't mean to the lil girls any more unless they try to get food they want. The merger went easier then expected. :)
Chloe on the left and Gracie on the right.
They get in the coop early to scope out the spot they want.. Didn't take them long to figure that out. :) They are pretty smart cookies.

Speaking of cookies... I think its time to say ta ta and for me to get my reward Cookie. So that's about all I have to tell that I can remember. oh one more thing. My Masters got me my own bed to sleep in.......

Unfortunately Daisy thinks its hers. Thanks for visiting. :)))

Friday, December 6, 2013

Winter wonderland.

It's snowing today. Not stopping the turkeys or the birds. Sure is pretty. Not normal to get so much.
Taken this morning. The girls did NOT want to come out of their pen so that's where they are.
After running around the sunroom, the chicks went back in crate and are happy to just look out on it. Wanted to add more on last photo but I am doing this on my ipad and it won't let me. So enjoy the last photo.  I am.��

Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Chicks are 8 weeks old and look at us now.

                                        It's been really cold lately. 
                                But the girls seem to be doing fine.
                                 They love to sit on this bench and look in...
                                  Probably because they are thinking...hey, not fair, how come
                                  They get to be inside where it's warm???
                                   Annie is wondering why they are inside too!
                                       Daisy is also wondering why these hunks of pooping 
                                               Feathers are running around in her space!
                                     Ok space invader. This is MY space!!!
                                                Well it WAS my space.
                                          What!? Your not happy having it to yourself now?
                                           You want the floor too??

                                                  OK  I'm outta here

Hey Cat..come back I was only kidding...
OK be that way--I found a better body to crawl on. Milo is my friend..
Hey can I join this family? Looks like they get spoiled around here. I have a few dozen friends who would come too. :O  All these photos were taken with my iPad and all but three were put on with blogger app I downloaded. I am still trying to figure things out but I am slowly getting there.