Friday, February 8, 2013

Animal Wednesday on Friday?

 Theres not been a whole lot of anything going on lately.
Except fifty shades of GRAY SKIES!
 A WHOLE lot of snoring going on.
 Daisy being taken to the vets because a large lump was found on her neck. 
But after the vet took a little test.. Cha Ching... that turned out to be a fatty lump and not to worry.
She was home and not to happy about all the shots she had to have on top of it.
Took this a week or so ago when I woke up one morning. I had been awakened during the night by  a horrible ripping sound and when I got up to check I could find no reason for the noise. In the morning I tripped over a sack stuck under one of our bar stools with half of the sack missing and since I wasn't quite awake I blamed the dog,  which I realized  was dumb since she was by my side when I was awaken in the night and she never does things like this anyway  then I caught a glimpse of  our cat laying motionless on the day bed just staring at me with this wide eyed look and the penny dropped. She had gotten into the sacks handle in the middle of the night and couldn't get it off and while dragging it along got it caught on a bar  stool step tearing it in half  in a frantic fit to be rid of it, making that horrid racket scaring me to death,  but only semi getting loose she must have high tailed it to the day bed to sleep with it still around her neck like a blanket until someone freed her of it. After I quit laughing, I got a photo of it. Poor thing. Teach her to go snooping. LOL
 Yesterday we  took a drive to the duck pond. I was in need of something. Some
inspiration, something different. something to get my muse to show up.  Nothing like water and critters to soothe the soul.
There were THREE of these beauties. This one was making such a racket. 
But I was in Camera Heaven.

 And there was Lucy Goosy with her two pals I have seen them together for  a long  time.

 And Three HUGE white Geese
 The one on the right was biggest of the three and usually just off to the side of them.
I think I took a dozen photos.
Then they waddled off to be with people feeding the birds instead of just gawking at them. :)
  After a little walk it was time to go home.

 To see this, very close to us, wide rainbow. 
This photo doesn't show how VIVID it was.
But it went right to the ground and I swear you could see the little guy with the pot of gold standing there.
 And  also to find that the Sheep had been moved back to the closer field to us. We can now see them so much better out our back windows.

 Today I put on my boots and Annie and I trekked out thru the sloshing mud in our back field, to see them up close and personal.
Color Me Happy!!


  1. I see that you have lots of animals in your world Cris. I love the sheep so close to the house. No wonder you are so happy. Have a great weekend.

  2. I would be happy too if I had this beautiful scenery and carefree goose and ducks and sheep to make me happy.:) Nice photos.Thank you.

  3. oh that's just a great shot of the two of them sleeping on the bed. and daisy with the brown bag dress is too funny . No animals around here lately - too much cold, and now snow to deal with. We're in the midst of getting an expected 2 -3 feet of snow. YUCK!!!!

    happy animal friday

  4. ROTFLMAO..............Daisy you are a hoot! Cris, you are too. I know I heard this story before in an email; but the picture takes the cake! Hysterical!

    and you ARE going to paint that goose in the first photo are you not? PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It will be awesome! Love it with the dark plants contrasting on the white duck/goose!

    Yes, Con and Annie sleeping is a hoot too. Great POST!!!!!! Just so fun.

  5. What a happy series of events on what could have been a ho-hum sort of time! I'm glad Daisy is OK & I have to say, poor girl with that bag! Love the snoozy photo. I can see how the ducks perked you back up, & the sheep. So, I guess this was one of those ask & you shall receive things: you wanted inspiration & you got a rainbow, as well as the world of the Critters! As always, thanks for sharing, I feel a sense of well being just reading about your world! ~Rita

  6. Thank you Lisa, Gloria.. and Mim..I hope you don't get to snowed in and are safe. Lynn..dear friend.. maybe I should paint that goose.:) Rita that was very poetic what you said.. 'I wanted inspiration and got a rainbow'. I LOVE THAT. Thank you all for visiting. :)

  7. I am SOOOO happy that Daisy is well! (Of course, she had her revenge on you - for taking her to the Vet - by donning that paper bag!) A-ha-ha!

    Con and Annie look so peaceful.... as do those sheep! I remember Lucy Goosie and her friends... so nice to see them back!

    Love the White Geese! Definite subjects for you to paint!

    And......oh...that rainbow!!!!!!!

    HAW- or rather - HAF!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  8. So here you are, Cris!! Good too see you have the ark and sleeping partners with you on your new blog. Loved the pictures and the cat story is a hoot!!

  9. Looks like you had a great time Goose-Watching. I'd love to see you paint those first two shots of the geese, their poses are terrific.

  10. Glad Daisy is ok and didnt choke on that bag incident. No snow on the ground, lucky you. And lots of wildlife to inspire you. Another winter almost over in the peaceable kingdom in Oregon!

  11. What a gorgeous, gorgeous place you live in! I am a cat lover, so got a kick out of your cats' escapades! Great pictures. hope you get some sun, soon. We also have about 50 days of shades of gray!