Thursday, October 31, 2013

Leaves Galore & The Chicks at 4 Weeks old.

Its that time again. This time with more help.

Its only just begun. There's a ton more up there. :(

But oh the bugs to be found. :)
 They make for good eggs tho. Lexy trying to lay with Emma. I spy a brown egg in there.
The white egg is a fake.
 The inside girls are 4 weeks old now and  growing like weeds.
They love getting out now. At least for a little while. Chloe is on the left.  Gracies on the right.
Chloe was the friendliest at first. Yes I can tell them apart.
But Gracie turns out to be more bold.  She hops right on me.
A couple days later and look at the breast feathers of Chloe, in back, they are coming in redish brown & speckled. When I let them out of the cage, I need to put towels over me or else. :)) which is why they only get out now and then. :)
I dont see much of this feather color on Gracie  that Chloe has on her here, but both have pin feathers coming in like crazy.
They are very curious.
And very relaxed too. Look at  those tails.
I see a few colored feathers coming on Gracie laying down but nothing like Chloes. They change hourly now.

And its back to the cage. I have no clue how I am going to introduce them to the big girls in the cold of winter. They are small enough to stay in here for now, but they cant stay all winter. 
I need my studio back. Altho Daisy thinks this is kind of cool. She went up to them and got pecked so this is as far as she wishes to go.
 I liked this sketch I did in ink and watercolor  I framed it in an old fashioned frame and hung it on my wall. 
I am having problems with my desktop computer. I came in a few mornings ago and it was dead. Would not turn on. A couple days later it started up making noises ??? and walla I got it on. Not sure it will come on again so I did a blog post. I am trying to learn how to use my laptop for this
 so if I don't post for awhile just  know its computer problems.  I need to learn out to get my photos onto the laptop.


  1. Aww, love these pics of the little girls. They are SO cute. Glad your computer awoke again, but wonder with your laptop, has it got a slot for the SD card from your camera? If it has then you just slip the card in and your pics will load to your laptop.

  2. your 'girls' are lovely, they grow so fast don't they,

  3. What is it about anything young...they are so adorable!!! Always interesting things going on with you.
    Hope you get your computer problems solved.

  4. love those baby chickens but wow, I can't believe how fast they grow and how much space they take up in your house!
    Good luck with the computer, you should be OK on the laptop, but good luck anyways

  5. I bet they just get with the older hens and get mothered by them! Bet so! Hope so!
    Love your painting too! Glad you framed it!

  6. Your little babies won't be babies for long!

    Good luck with your computer issues.... not fun.

  7. Thank you everyone. In a week the girls will have changed even more. Its amazing how quick they grow daily.

  8. Love that sketch too !
    Chicks do grow so fast.
    Any chance Chloe is a rooster ??

    1. Oops sorry sex link, duh blacks (even with red specks) all females, I forgot.
      Chole is going to be quite beautiful in coloration isn't she !

    2. Thanks Willow..Yes all black means female.. which is one of the reasons I went for them now when I heard they had black sexlinks in.. Our friends have one that she is going to look like. I need to find a pix of her. I think Gracie is going to be much blacker. Good then I can tell them apart. Funny how I can tell my barred rocks apart tho just from their personality and the way they hold themselves. :)

  9. Our leaves have been descending especially with yesterday's rain. Love seeing Annie and Daisy enjoying life. Daisy probably likes that heat lamp. Fun seeing the little ones. I hope the older ladies accept them. Have a great weekend.

    1. Thanks for visiting Lisa. We've only just begun raking.. it will go on till December with all the big trees we have. I think you are right about the heat lamp and Daisy. She LOVES being warm even with all that fur she has.

  10. What a lovely post, I bet they keep you busy. No time for painting

    1. Thanks Polly. Actually they dont take much work. They just take up ROOM. :)

  11. I love all your photos, year-round...but the Autumn ones really resonate with me! Annie and the leaves!!! How adorable! Love the *Girls* out exploring too...

    Gracie and Chloe are so sweet! You definitely can tell the difference between them!
    Chloe is going to be especially beautiful...

    Daisy amid the *Nursery*..too funny! I can imagine her reaction when she was *pecked*....a-ha-ha! Lisa is right....Daisy LOVES that heat lamp!

    Wonderful post...I love visiting here!

    Love to all,

    ♥ Robin ♥

    1. Thank you Robin. I love having you visit here too. My girls are getting lost in the leaves right now.The lawn is thick with fallen leaves again even tho we cleaned the first batch up and the front is too... for some reason Fall kind of loses its magic when you have to clean up bags and bags of leaves.. LOL

  12. Love the photos of the chicks...I'd bet they have different personalities too.

    There are piles of leaves everywhere here. I like walking in the morning and hearing them crunch under my feet.

  13. Thanks Joan. Yes they do have different personalities. fun ones tho. I like crunching in leaves too but I slip on them when wet from the rain.. so not good for me... and I cant find the girls when I look out. We can hardly see the grass thru them. the front tree is prettier tho. more reds and pinks and oranges.