Friday, May 2, 2014

Spring time is busy time in the garden and Lexys scare.

 Spring has come to Oregon  and I have been out enjoying the things going on and not blogging much right now. My Rhodys are all in bloom.
This purple one  has out done itself this year.
 This Red one was a throw away from someone when we moved here ten years ago.
It didnt do well for them so I planted it in a very shady place and its done so well there with little care too.
 Our chest nut tree is in full bloom too and as I was out photographing it in flew this hummer to drink from its nectar. Of course I had to take its picture.
 Not only did spring show up but for a few days Summer showed up with 92 degrees and in flew these birds. :)
 Superman showed up too. :))
 We've been busy lately working out in the front yard. The weeds took over and our neighbors polite but firm reminder they needed taking care of made us spend as much time as our backs would allow to get out to pull ..weed whack and mow. Not to mention plant more bushes to fill in the empty places where we took the juniper bushes out. Its looking so good now.
I have also been visting the nurseries for my summer annuals I plant in clay pots in our back yard. this is  my first round of summer annuals... Impatiens. With the girls we had to put chicken wire around things till they get bigger as they loved digging in my pots. Soon I will be getting my zinnias. We are already working on the veggies. the bed is  ready to plant. We usually wait until the middle of May to plant here to make sure we get no more freezes.
 Of course there is a lot of critter watching going on with the cute antics our girls get up to. 
One day Gracie came running out of the bushes with a bit of tomato that Fair had thrown over and the chase was on with Chloe hot on her tail. soon the other girls joined in but she decided it was hers and gulped it down in one gulp. groan.
This is Chloe and Hattie sunning themselves together. They are finally one family.
 Then we had a little scare. We almost lost our Lexy. she started acting strange last Sunday but I chalked it up to noise a neighbor was making but  I noticed her really not acting normal  on Monday and   I swept her up and brought her in and put her in the dog cage. She was panting horribly and mostly standing and not interested in eating at all. I got an eye dropper and made sure she stayed hydrated and got some sugar water down her and bits of food but not much. After calling around to farm places and googling for info, I figured out it had something to do with a broken egg I found on Sunday. they don't usually live if an infection sets in and no vets close around here work on poultry.  She made it to Tuesday and ate some suet for me  and laid an egg standing up.. but yellow goop was coming out so after reading up on Google that could be yolk or infection so we mixed up some white vinegar and warm water and did a douche on her. It said it will help bacteria and help with infection.  It was to clean out the cavity of anything that shouldn't be there. ..that same day later she laid ANOTHER EGG. she was egg bound, poor thing... after that she perked up and let out a big squawk like she usually does. The egg shell was thin but alright. I let her go sleep with the big girls that night. She was a little slow the next day but by Thursday she was right as rain running and eating and a little under weight but she laid a normal egg. I spent my days laying by the cage trying to coax this little red hen to live. I guess it paid off. :)

 Never thought I would miss her loud mouth but even my neighbor missed her.
Daisy decided she kind of liked that cage empty. 
Me too!


  1. oh Chris what a sweet heart you are, I am so glad everything worked out and everything else I was going to say was about the beautiful flowers , I just became so overwhelmed I forgot what it was I was to say, lol, I'm amazed she survived, we always had hens when I was a child and that was certain death, you are such a caring pet person,

  2. Thanks Laurie. I lost my little Susie last year from this too and I didn't want to lose another one. I will have to keep my eyes on them from now on.

  3. Aww, your garden and flowers look lovely Cris. I love that you have the girls loose around too, they add to a great looking atmosphere at your home. Really glad Lexy is better, phew!

  4. Oh my, I cant believe the kind care you give your girls. you are amazing. beautiful blooms out there too. not much here ate all. be well, suki

  5. For once, I am NOT LATE posting! First, you are just one amazing woman to research all about Lexy's problem and how to help of the first thing I learned about you (through your Blog and through FB) was your HUGE, LOVING HEART! It makes me feel lucky to have a friend like you. The *Girls* all look great and how lovely they ALL are bonding into one family.

    As for your fantastic...your garden IS Spring! I am envious! I have a garden (rare for SF)...but it is hard for flowers to bloom with all the Ocean Wind and Fog...

    And....the photo of Annie in the empty cage is priceless... she really is an Angel!

    Love to you all from *down South*,

    ♥ Robin ♥

  6. That darling hen was blessed to have you as her nurse. Those rhodys are handsome.

  7. Your yard looks so pretty with all the flowers. I have been filling my window boxes and hope that it stays warm enough for my little plants to survive.

    I'm glad to hear that Lexy is back to normal. It sounds like you did the right thing for her...the internet is so good to find out info in an emergency. Without it what would you have done! Have a great day/evening!

  8. Yes Joan what would we do without the internet? I have a google app on my iPad and its so handy I use it daily I bet. Thanks for the comment. :)

  9. Those roddy's are gorgeous!!! Love the special birds too. Of course all the chicken stories are fun (but you know I already know all about them!)