Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A little of this and that in another week gone by.

I am loving my garden right now. Spending as much time in it as I can. Everything is blooming. The grapes are coming along on this arbor. This is a sight I love to see when we walk out the door but last week we walked out and saw the scene below...
 The lattice that holds up the grapes collapsed. I never heard a thing and thankfully the girls weren't under it.
 The braces on the sides rotted and broke. It took all our strength to get it up on the ladder and then the bucket on top to make it higher and then another taller ladder to lift it even higher before Con could fix it. It was HEAVY!!!!! I trimmed the heck out of it because it had started growing into other plants around it.  I am still paying for helping but there is only the two of us and I couldn't let him do it alone. I had plans to go on a garden tour the very next day with Jill, so I went anyway even tho I woke up that morning and could hardly move. Never knew bones could actually creak. lol Some of the places we toured were rather hilly with lots of walking that I could hardly move for a few days after, but the gardens we saw were so inspiring  and I got lots of cool pix that I was so glad we went  anyway. One thing I saw and am going to try and imitate is below.
 LOVED this bottle tree.
  I had two and was given the tall blue one
 Then I found the pink one in Micheal's and was given the other two the same day. So I am on my way. Con will make me a tree to hang them on. :))
 We did some more Critter sitting.
Look at Jills Chicks now.... at four and a half months one is laying eggs. since its color is a sage green its one of the yellow Amuricana chickens.
 One of her Amuricans has whiskers and yes its female. the black one is a Black sexlink like mine but not the same  red streaking colors.  Shes bummed. :)
Never know when we are being watched. Three of these beauties were out as we walked to check the critters.
 The third one was across the street peeking around at us.
 Back at home our girls keeping cool the other day taking dirt baths.
but today we have lots of rain. Which I hope wont last long because our summer Art festival starts this Friday. One year it was rained out. Hoping not this year as I am and so many others looking forward to it.
That's about all that's been going on here.
I leave you with this cool shot I took out our back window.
It was nice of the bird to pose so nicely for me.
Have a great week


  1. I am so glad no one was under the arbor when it fell!! That must have been some big job putting that back up! You have such a beautiful garden and property, the deer are so beautiful, lovely chickens too, so exotic! I love to watch chickens have dirt baths, lol, hope you don't get that rain we're having!

  2. Cris, you must feel such pride for all the hard work you and Con do in your home, inside and out. Your gardens are exquisite ! I've had the good fortune to sit under that grape arbor, so I know of what I speak! That top photo so beautifully backs me up too!
    I love all if your photos. I hope you get to go to the art festival too!

  3. What a pretty peek at how beautiful your yard is right now! In the long run saving that grape arbor was worth it, but such a pity you had to suffer for several days afterwards. Love that last photo of the windmill!

  4. All of that rain is making your gardens look so lush and beautiful. It is such fun seeing what the chickens are up to. Good thing the deer can't get into your garden to munch. I hope you get your arbor fixed. That is the prettiest bottle tree I have ever seen. I hope you find all those colored bottles.

  5. Thanks Laurie, Lynn, Elva and Lisa. Appreciate your comments. But am thinking that with how long it takes for me to do a blog post now and so few viewers and commenters the fun is kind of gone and I am not sure it's worth doing them anymore.

  6. So WONDERFUL to *hear* your voice. I miss you! Don't stop blogging! My commentators have dropped wayyyy off.. but who cares! Every time I visit your home, I unwind, feel relaxed and happy! Love seeing everything and everyone in your world!

    We may be a small - but MIGHTY community!!!

    Love that Bottle Tree....yours will be so beautiful!

    Kisses to all the *Critters*...and to you, Con and the Furry Family!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  7. Glad you were finally able to raise the grape arbor back up.. That must have been extremely heavy. Hope the weather is good so you can still have the art festival. Love the collection of bottles for the bottle tree.

  8. Cris, hope this comment goes through. I had commented before but it was lost somewhere in space....I remember commenting about the bottle tree which is so amazing, I love it. What a great object to have, I can see why you loved the look of it too. You have a good start on colourful bottles for one. And oh, the deer - how cute is that. Say Hi to the girls for me.

  9. Yay! comment is there :-) I can see that some folks might assume 'comments are pending approval' and not realise it just hasn't been sent.

  10. Thanks everyone. I guess blogger likes to drive us nuts..Arrgh. Joan,yes the art festival went off without a hitch, the rain went away in time.