Thursday, June 12, 2014

Hattie here posting for Cris

 Hi Peeps, Hattie here.
I know its been awhile, so I decided to post something for my master.
They have been busy as its that time of year when the gardens go in and the warm weather takes them outside a lot.
 Lexy & Emma are doing fine as are the other girls.
They say Hi too.
 Its also Critter sitting time so they've been busy doing a lot of that for the neighbors.
These are Jill's young chicks.. a month away from laying eggs.
Two Amuricanas and six black sexlinks added to her three older chickens.
 Milo came to visit for a few days and is keeping guard for them while he was here.
 Their veggie garden is growing well. they have corn and potatoes and blueberries and sunflowers in this bed. The sunflowers are for the birds. But my master loves to see the big heads following the sun. :)
 This is the tomato bed. They planted four kinds of tomatoes.
An Oregon spring, as it blooms and produces early, then will produce a second batch before its done. a Big Boy tomato, two kinds of cherry tomatoes as they produce into Fall here.
We  Girls LOVE tomatoes so we put in our order for lots cherry tomatoes. :)
 The fields have hay bales waiting to be picked up so there's been lots going on around here and lots to see.
Well This is Chloe peeking out from the roses saying bye bye for now and we will make sure our master gets her act together and blogs a bit sooner then she has.


  1. everything looks in great shape, beautiful photos, thanks for the update!!!

  2. Hi Cris!! Hi Hattie!! your garden looks wonderful and warm - enjoy

  3. Thing are looking good Hattie !
    Tell Chris we said "hello"

  4. Well Hattie .... I'm so glad to hear from you. Nice to have a little catch-up on what is going on. I bet Cris at least helped with those nice photos.

  5. Well done Hattie, a lovely blog post on behalf of Cris. I'm sure she is really proud of you. Say Hi from over the pond - we have been busy too and will catch up with your master very soon.

  6. Good to see that all is well and good out your way. The garden looks great. Your girls are so sweet. Enjoy Summer.

  7. I Love your life!
    Wanna trade (aside from having a leg in a cast..)?

  8. Hattie, thanks for the update. It's always fun to SEE what's going on down on the farms! Great photos!

  9. I love seeing what is going on over there. Looks like all of you creatures are doing well! Love the photos.